Saturday, August 12, 2017

Around The World: The Dental Connection!

From the clinical perspective, dentistry is similar around the world.  Dentists, go to school, obtain a license, and work hard to prevent and treat tooth decay, gum disease, oral infections, throat or oral cancer, tooth loss, and other conditions that might limit a person's ability to smile, bite, chew, or speak.  The quality of dental care, however, and availability for dental services varies between nations.


Developed countries have more dentists per capita than do developing nations, according to the World Health Organization.  There is one dentist for every 150,000 people in Africa, for example, as compared to about one dentist for every 2,000 citizens of an industrialized nation.  The lack of dentists in developing nations means that dental care is restricted to pain management and emergency care.

Dentistry often reflects the cultural views of a nation.  Some cultures acknowledge only the functional aspect of teeth, so dentists focus on preventing tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. Other cultures emphasize aesthetic appearances, so dentists there provide cosmetic procedures in addition to essential oral care.

Each nation imposes its own education and licensure requirements for dentists, but most require some college before four years of dental school.  The graduate must then pass local or national exams to practice in that region.  European schools and standards are similar to the United States.

While the role of the dentist is nearly the same in every country - to ensure the oral health of their citizens - dental care is different in each nation.  Regardless, you can rest assured that the care that you receive at our Broken Arrow, OK office is held to the highest standard.

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