Friday, January 12, 2018

X-ray Safety: The Dental Connection!

It is not uncommon to be concerned about your safety when you have dental x-rays performed.  Putting on a heavy lead vest may make you apprehensive.  The benefits of dental X-rays far out weigh the risks when safety procedures are followed and the number of X-rays is limited to the required number.

Intra-oral X-rays are the most common pictures of the teeth used in dentistry. These allow for the detection of cavities as well as to check the health of the bone and root structure.  Extra-oral X-rays provide the information that is needed to monitor your jaw and TMJ, as well as look for impacted teeth and tooth development.

Guidelines from the American Dental Association have been established in order to achieve the most detection for disease in the safest manner.  Digital radiography (X-rays), which is utilized by our office, is one of the most important new advances that the dental profession has seen in quite some time.  The capability to even further reduce the exposure to radiation to the patient while increasing the diagnostic proficiency has been astounding.  Digital radiography has reduced radiation exposure to patients by up to 80 percent as compared to conventional methods.  The reduction in the need for harsh chemicals and other waste materials associated with traditional radiography is also an added benefit to our environment that digital X-rays provide.

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