Friday, December 8, 2017

Holiday Cheer: The Dental Connection!

Spreading Holiday cheer begins with Fresh Breath! Not only during the Holidays, but everyday of the year, keeping your teeth clean and your breath minty fresh, can be a struggle for many people! Although good oral hygiene is the first step, there are many other factors that can contribute to bad breath such as tobacco, a dry mouth, medications, sinus issues, foods and gum disease.

So if Buddy the Elf's famous quote about Santa, your breath smells like "beef and cheese," is hindering you from spreading Christmas cheer, then remember that visiting our office for regular cleanings and exams can keep your Holidays fresh and bright!

God Bless,

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Wisdom Teeth: The Dental Connection!

The wisdom teeth are the last permanent molars to emerge from the gums.  This can occur as early as age 17 or as late as 21. Though some teens and young adults experience a completely normal tooth eruption with ideally aligned molars that pose no health threat, this is not the case for everyone.

According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, wisdom teeth must meet specific criteria to avoid a required extraction.  Theses guidelines include:

> Completely erupted and non-impacted
> Completely functional
> Painless
> Free of decay
> Disease-free
> Capable of being properly cleaned

If one or more of your child's wisdom teeth do not meet these conditions, it is recommended that you call our office at 918-455-0123 for an evaluation.

God Bless,

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Your Thoughts: The Dental Connection!

We strive each week to provide our fellow BLOG followers with information about important dental topics, treatments that we offer, and other technologies that could benefit your over all well-being!

This week, though, we want to know if there are specific topics that you would like to know about in the ever-changing and exciting field of dentistry!  What would you like us to focus on our BLOG?  Perhaps there's something you have wanted to see us address.  Feel free to leave us a comment here or on our Facebook page and we will do our best to incorporate your topic on our BLOG!

If you have any other questions or are in need of an appointment, call us at 918-455-0123!

God Bless,

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Sofia Vergara: The Dental Connection!

So many people would think that a woman as attractive and funny as Sofia Vergara surely planned to be a model and actress from the get-go.  However, Sofia's first career choice actually was to be a dentist! The famous TV star was only two semesters shy of finishing a dental degree in her native Columbia when she decided to trade dental school for a career in television.

In a recent article in People magazine, Sofia stated that she is "obsessed" with dental hygiene. She also said that that she even makes her son have his teeth cleaned every three months!  Although a professional cleaning every three months may not be necessary for everyone, some people, especially those who are particularly susceptible to gum disease, may benefit from the three month frequency.  In fact, although there is no one-size-fits-all approach to having professional teeth cleaning, everyone needs this beneficial procedure on a regular basis.  Even if you are meticulous about your daily oral hygiene routine at home, there are great reasons to obtain regal checkups! They include:

  • A DENTAL EXAM. Oral health problems such as tooth decay and gum disease are much easier and less expensive to treat in the early stages.
  • AN ORAL CANCER SCREENING. Oral cancer is not just a concern of the middle aged, elderly and smokers.  The survival rate for this deadly disease improves dramatically if it is detected early.
  • A PROFESSIONAL CLEANING. Even if you floss daily, calcified dental tartar can build up near the gum line over time. These deposits can irritate your gums and create favorable conditions for tooth decay. Furthermore, tartar cannot be removed by flossing and brushing alone.

So take a tip from Sofia, and don't skimp on your professional cleanings and exams.  If you are in need of an appointment or have any further questions, call our office at 918-455-0123!

God Bless,

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Sleep Apnea & Cancer: The Dental Connection!

Recently, multiple studies have concluded that people with sleep apnea, a disorder that causes snoring, fatigue, and dangerous gaps in breathing at night due to throat muscles collapsing, are five time more likely to develop cancer.  In fact, one of the studies found that people with the most severe forms of sleep apnea had a 65 percent greater risk of developing cancer of any kind!

Researchers now believe that this could be due to the body lacking enough oxygen, a condition known as hypoxemia. Apparently, when people are hypoxic, their bodies react by producing more blood vessels, which can feed cancer cells, and as a result can cause tumors to grow and spread more rapidly.

Approximately 28 million North Americans suffer from sleep apnea, with many cases going undiagnosed.  This is due to most cancer patients not mentioning any sleep problems that they experience unless their doctor asks them.

If you have any questions about sleep apnea or are in need of aa dental appointment, call our office at 918-455-0123!

God Bless,

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Tender Gums: The Dental Connection!

Gingivitis is an early stage of gum disease that results when bacteria in your mouth cause inflammation and tenderness in your gums.  This is a very common condition, and you can treat it effectively if you are aggressive.  Otherwise, it could develop into more advanced gum disease, or periodontitis, and you could lose one or more teeth.

Watch for the symptoms of gingivitis.  Early treatment is the key to success.  Strategies for treating gingivitis include thoroughly cleaning your teeth and assessing the scope of your gingivitis and how serious the problem is.

GINGIVITIS: Early Gum Disease

Your mouth contains many bacteria that form plaque, which is a sticky substance.  You can get rid of plaque by brushing well, but if you don't, it can build up on your teeth and form tartar.   Bacteria can make your gums inflamed and cause pain and bleeding, or gingivitis.  Other symptoms include loose teeth, bad breath, or receding gums, and sensitive teeth.  Your are at a higher risk for gingivitis if you are a smoker, if you have a weakened immune system, or if you have diabetes.


The first step is to call our office for an appointment.  Our dental team will assess your risk factors for gingivitis and examine your teeth and mouth for signs of red and swollen gums.  We may also measure the pockets around your teeth.  If they are larger than normal, then your gingivitis may be more advanced.  Finally, we will take some digital dental x-rays to get a picture of the bone structure of your jaw.

If you have tender gums, have other questions about gum disease, or are in need of a dental appointment, call our office at 918-455-0123!

God Bless,

Sunday, September 24, 2017

September: National Gum Care Month!

September is the month that the dental community focuses on increasing the awareness about gum health and periodontal disease! With the fast pace that we all live under, many people are too busy to even recognize the first warning signs of gingivitis, the early stage of periodontal disease. Early recognition and action are the most important steps to healthy gums, and ultimately a healthy body as well.  Studies are published every year linking oral health, including the gums, to the health of other areas of the body, such as your heart. Since one of the most important steps to improving the care of your gums is recognizing the warning signs, check out the following list:

> Gums that appear red or swollen
> Gums that feel tender
> Gums that bleed easily (during brushing or flossing)
> Gums recede or pull away from the teeth
> Persistent bad breath
> Loose teeth
> Any change in the way the teeth come together in the biting position

If you happen to notice any of these signs or if you are in need of a dental appointment, call our office at 918-455-0123!

God Bless,