Friday, August 23, 2019

Hitting The Gridiron: The Dental Connection!

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!  With the start of football season right around the corner, this great seasonal sport often brings a rise in athletic activities, and with them, a rise in tooth and mouth injuries.  Check out these tips that can keep you safe this football season.

  • PROTECTION.  All activities come with some risk of tooth damage.  The easiest way to protect your teeth is to get a simple mouth guard from the sport's store.  A custom guard, provided by our office, can provide a more comfortable fit that is very affordable.
  • EMERGENCIES.  If you have a tooth knocked out, carefully place it in liquid, (milk being the very best), and contact an oral surgeon ASAP.  If the tooth is positioned back into place within about 30 minutes, there is an increased survival rate.
  • SPORTS DRINKS.  Sports drinks are highly acidic and filled with sugar, which makes them extremely bad for teeth.  Unless you are a professional athlete, plain water is best for hydration.  If you drink a sports drink, it is best to gulp it and rinse your mouth immediately with plain water to rinse off the acid and sugar.
  • INVISALIGN ALIGNERS.  Aligners will protect teeth from minor traumas, but High Impact Sports, like football, require a custom guard to provide the most safety from a possible traumatic dental injury.

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