Saturday, October 29, 2016

Halloween Safety Tips!

Though the night is full of fun and festivity, children can be particularly vulnerable to lurking dangers on Halloween. The Tulsa Police Department would like to offer several tips to ensure that everyone has a safe celebration. 
  • Children should trick-or-treat with an adult
  • Trick-or-treat in areas that are well lit
  • Cross streets at corners, using traffic signals and crosswalks where available
  • Look left, right and left again when crossing
  • Walk on sidewalks or paths; if there is no sidewalk, walk facing traffic as far to the left as possible
  • Wear light-colored costumes decorated with reflective tape or stickers
  • Carry a flashlight or glow stick to increase visibility to drivers
  • Only eat treats and candy that are properly wrapped in their original packaging after being checked by an adult
  • It's also a good idea to carry a cell phone while trick-or-treating in case of an emergency
  • When possible trick-or-treat in groups
It is also important that drivers do their part to keep trick-or-treaters safe. 
  • Be alert in residential neighborhoods
  • Drive more slowly and anticipate heavy pedestrian traffic
  • Remember that costumes can limit children's visibility and they may not be able to see a moving vehicle
  • Enter and exit driveways slowly and carefully
If you participate in the holiday, stay safe!

God Bless,

Sunday, October 23, 2016

October: National Dental Hygiene Month!

October is the time to celebrate National Dental Health Month!  Once again, the American Dental Association and the Wrigley Company have partnered to help raise public awareness about good oral health.  The National Campaign focuses on Brush, Floss, Rinse, Chew!
  • BRUSH: 
    • Always brush two minutes, twice daily
    • Make flossing a daily habit
    • Use Mouthwash to freshen breath
  • CHEW
    • After eating, chew sugar-free gum to fight tooth decay
More evidence continues to surface related to the important connection between good oral hygiene and the elevated risk for heart disease and stroke. Simply remembering to regularly brush, effectively floss and maintain regular dental cleanings, can significantly reduce the oral bacteria that has been associated with your heart health!

If you have any questions or are in need of an appointment for a cleaning with one of our great hygienists, Karla, Deidra, or Janae, call our office at 918-455-0123!

God Bless,

Friday, October 14, 2016

Your Health: The Dental Connection!

If you are like many people, you might think of your dental health as separate from your overall health. After all, most dental coverage plans are separate from your medical health coverage.  However, your oral health goes far beyond being able to chew nutritious and enjoyable foods.  Oral health problems may be an indicator of a variety of other health problems.

Links between Oral Health and Your Overall Health

In the late 1980s, researchers noticed a trend among patients who had recently suffered from heart attacks.  As the Journal of the American Dental Association reported, they observed that these patients were more likely to have dental cavities, inflammation around their teeth, and other forms of gum disease.  Later studies found similar results. Dentists and medical doctors now recognize poor oral health as a risk factor for a variety of heart conditions, such as heart attacks, atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

Disease Prevention

Keeping your teeth healthy remains important, especially as you grow older.  Older adults are more prone to dental caries and other oral health problems, as well as to chronic diseases.  While taking care of your oral health might not prevent a specific disease, a healthy mouth is significant factor in your overall health.

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God Bless,


Sunday, October 2, 2016

Coffee: The Dental Connection!

Although most patients enjoy a cup of coffee or two throughout the day, many don't know that coffee can be especially tough on your teeth because tannic acid (the substance that makes the dark color) etches into the pits and grooves of tooth enamel, staining your pearly whites and being generally detrimental to your smile.

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, with more than 50 percent of people drinking a cup daily.  In fact, it is so popular that National Coffee Day is celebrated annually every year! Although other foods and drinks such as wine, chocolate-flavored beverages, and soft drinks can all cause tooth enamel discolorations, a hot cup of coffee, however, goes one step farther: extreme temperature changes in your mouth can cause teeth to expand and contract.  This allows the stains to penetrate deep into the micro-cracks of your tooth enamel.

If you can't make it through the day without a cup of java, then consider the following tips to help make sure that your teeth stay in tip-top shape:

> Drink a glass of water with your coffee or rinse with water after every cup.
> Chew gum after you drink coffee.
> Enjoy your beverage with a straw

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God Bless,