Friday, October 5, 2018

Tannic Acid: The Dental Connection!

Although Coffee and Tea are two of the most common drinks in the world, most people do not realize that they can be very tough on your teeth.  Tannic acid, the substance that makes these popular drinks dark, etches into the pits and grooves of tooth enamel. This is how coffee and tea can transform your teeth from white to tan and in may areas, black!

So, if you can't give up that morning cup o'joe, check out the following tips to reduce their impact on your teeth.

  • Rinse with a glass of water after every cup
  • Drink iced coffee or tea with a straw

Even if you are not a big coffee or tea drinker, swishing you mouth out with plain water after every meal can help to neutralize the cavity causing acids that are left in your mouth.  If you have any questions or are in need of an appointment, call our office at 918-455-0123!

God Bless,