Friday, January 18, 2013

A Healthy Start: The Dental Connection!

At the beginning of every year, it seems like most people try to make a healthy new start.  If you look around, there are many ads about fitness memberships and exercise equipment.  Although health clubs see an increase in membership during this time of year, many well intended people fail to realize that the best place to start is actually with smart nutrition!

A healthy diet is very important.  Following the recommended guidelines for the proper daily dietary intake of fruits, dairy, vegetables and meat, will lead to a huge decrease in deadly diseases like heart disease, cancer and high blood pressure.  Adding an extra piece of fruit or an extra vegetable to your diet each day can also help you achieve the correct number of daily servings as well.

Water is also a vital component to an overall healthy diet.  If you make water your primary beverage of choice, you will ensure that you are drinking a zero-calorie, low chemical drink instead of a high-calorie chemical alternative like a soda.  Fruits such as berries are a great source of antioxidants, as well as other chemicals that your body uses to repair and prevent some of the damage that is caused by aging.  Like fruit, fish and nuts are healthy as they are great sources of Omega 3's and improve your good cholesterol.

If you try to change only one thing about your diet each week, you will begin to view these changes as a habit over time, which will provide you with a healthy start on your way to an overall healthier lifestyle!

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