Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Hard Facts: The Dental Connection!

What is as brittle as glass and at the same time, the hardest substance in your body?  Your tooth enamel!!  Each time that you bite down, it handles the equivalent of 160 pounds of pressure, time after time after time.  Think about how often you bite down during your lifetime. It's crazy!

It's an engineering marvel.  Enamel is actually made up of a dense forest of long rods.  These rods start crisscrossing each other as they go deeper into the tooth, diffusing the pressure. It's like sprawling your body out flat to crawl over an ice-covered pond, spreading the pressure over a wider area.

Enamel: Built For Pressure...But Not Erosion!

As strong as your enamel is, it does not deal well with acid and bacteria.  It needs our help for that!

    • Acidic breakdown from pop, fruit juices, and sports drinks.
    • Abrasion from rough brushing and tooth-whitening products.
    • Bad habits loke tooth-grinding.
    • High sugar-and-starch diets, which create acid byproducts.

Your Enamel Is Finite: So Treat It Well!

As amazing as your enamel is, it's one of the only body parts of your body that is unable to regenerate itself because it's one of the only parts of your body that is not comprised of living cells. So protect your enamel by brushing regularly, flossing, and keeping your regularly scheduled checkups.

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