Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Break: The Dental Connection!

After your son or daughter departs for college this Fall, the last thing that you want to receive is a call or text only to learn that he or she is in pain.  Although there aren't many emergency situations that can be avoided, when it comes to dental health, one crisis that can easily be prevented before your teen heads hundreds of miles away for college is wisdom tooth extraction.

Many college bound students are affected by the problems that arise from wisdom teeth because the third molars usually erupt in the late teens to early 20s.  Most young adults experience spacing and crowding problems that can cause impaction and infections, which is why most oral surgeons are strongly recommending that they be electively removed during this time period.  Unfortunately, wisdom teeth can go from barely noticeable to extremely painful in a brief period of time.

Summer break is the perfect time to remove wisdom teeth so that your child can avoid the scenario of experiencing this medical emergency while they are far away from home.  If you have any questions are are in need of an appointment to have your child's wisdom teeth removed, please call our office at 918-455-0123!

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